Sadly most people will never understand why multiple elevations matter for home theatre. You see most people are just fine with watching a movie on their tablet or phone these days. I will never understand why it is so important to watch it when you are not at home unless of course you travel for a living. Nor will I ever understand why it is ok to watch it this way. For the rest of us we at least watch it on a television screen or computer monitor. It is easy to connect a receiver to any electronic device and have the receiver take the analog sound being sent to it and then work its magic to create surround sound. So the issue of not listening to it in surround sound is now a non issue. If you are unsure of how to do this read this post I made awhile back.

Presuming you now at least listen to movies in surround sound we can get to why multiple elevations matter for home theatre. The industry standard basic surround sound is still only 5.1 which is amazing since that came out 26 years ago (1991)! In 2012 Dolby Atmos came out, and in 2015 DTS X came out. Both added elevations for more realism in movie sound. Premium Audio started experimenting with elevations back in 2014 with 15.2 channel surround sound and really got into the elevation phenomenon in 2015 with our 22.4 channel surround sound. Fast forward to 2017 and we have surpassed that with our 30.4.4 channel surround sound which is designed for multiple elevations and then some! So now you know for sure that this is something big and worth exploring for your home.

Several Reasons Why Multiple Elevations Matter for Home Theatre:

  1. Realism. Not all sound effects are meant to be played at ear level. For instance a helicopter circling from up above should in fact sound like it is circling from up above.
  2. Aesthetics. Sure we can add more speakers to a room, I have done that so many times and blogged, written books about it and taken pictures of it so that should come as no surprise any longer. The problem with more speakers is that then you have less room to have other stuff. The solution is multiple elevations.

Multiple Elevations + More Speakers = Less Wires Showing (and possibly tripping over) and a Cleaner Look.

         Everyone will instantly recognize that you took the time to set it up instead of just placing speakers on the floor. This even holds true for those that don’t have a home theatre yet.

    3.  Coolness. What gives you better bragging rights…a 5.1 channel surround sound system or one with more speakers? Of course the answer is always more speakers!

For me adding more speakers is like when I was a kid with my electric train set; it was always fun to play with, but even more fun to add more stuff to it. With surround sound you can experiment not only with elevations but with size, angle, brands and distance. Sure this sounds like a lot of work, but is it really work if it’s fun for you and no one gets hurt? I don’t think it’s work at all. I hope you have many fun times experimenting with how to make your home theatre the best it can be in your living room, bedroom, garage, attic, basement or wherever you choose to put it.

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