Times sure have changed…. I remember the days of standing in super long lines (especially on Friday and Saturday nights) at Blockbuster Video and Hollywood Video. We can no longer do that anymore and it’s a good thing. Instead we can now instantly watch whatever we want whenever we please. This includes both movies and television without having to leave our homes to do so. Now all you have to do is pick your monthly subscription service to stream it all to you tv, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

There are lots of choices including Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu+, or your cable or satellite provider. If you feel nostalgic you can even go to a Red box location found inside and outside of many stores and rent a movie there. However you choose, why not watch something today?

Home theaters can be setup on virtually any budget and truly enhance the tv and especially movie experience! This can be accomplished in many ways:

Check out these FREE diagrams for ideas of how to setup your own home theater today and then sit back, relax and enjoy the tv show or movie! 

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