Now that we have released the info about the 22.4 channel surround sound it is time to show a variation that can be used to make it easier to build for your home theatre with 22.4 speakers ….

Option 1:

This would be the one already posted. I will refer to it as the original to make this less confusing.

Option 2:

This requires one 7.1 channel receiver, one 5.1 channel receiver, one stereo receiver, four speaker selector boxes, 22 speakers, 4 powered subs and minimal wire splicing.

Because there is not as much wire splicing being done with this setup you cannot adjust the volume and tone as much as with the original version of this. The advantages to this system are that it is much easier to put together and costs less money to put together as well.

The 7.1 channel receiver will be connected as labeled by the manufacturer (mostly). You will use it for the ceiling height speakers mostly. You will use a speaker selector box to connect from the receivers side speaker connectors and another speaker selector box from the receivers main speakers (front). Each speaker selector box connected to this receiver will run two pairs of speakers. You will need to connect two powered subs to this receiver.

The stereo receiver will be connected by splicing into the 5.1 channel receiver. Use this receiver to adjust the volume and tone for both rear speakers. Use the balance control for adjusting which speaker plays louder than the other (if you find it needs to be adjusted).

The 5.1 channel receiver: Connect the center channel speaker like normal to the receiver.  For the main speakers (front) you will connect a speaker selector box to the receiver. The speaker selector box will be using two pairs of speakers. You will need another speaker selector box for connecting the rear speakers. This speaker selector box will connect to this receiver where the rear speakers go. Connect two powered subs to the receiver.

For any clarification of how to do the wire splicing and re-amplification to make this work for either versions of this surround sound (or any others mentioned on this website), please refer to this book. It will also explain how to run dual subs off of a receiver that this only designed for a single sub woofer.

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