Premium Audio has been featuring exclusive new, never before seen or heard of surround sounds for many years now. Today is different. Today I will discuss a much more simplistic way to enjoy your movies. Today we will discuss the significance of soundbars.

There are many people who have either never heard of or never thought much about soundbars. For this reason I will explain what a soundbar is. A soundbar looks very much like a center channel (center) speaker. Beyond that they are completely different from one another. A center channel is there to steer the sound around the room and is primarily used for dialogue, but is also used for sound effects coming from the front of the room.

A soundbar is placed in the same location that a center channel would normally be placed (above the tv or directly below it). A soundbar does much more than just handle the effects that a center does. When using a soundbar you will notice that there are no left and right speakers, nor are there any rear speakers. Just like with surround sound speaker systems a powered sub can be added and is highly recommended.

So how is it different you may ask. The significance of soundbars is that they can be used to replace all those speakers and speaker wires used with traditional surround sound systems. Soundbars have the ability to take all the sound coming from the movie and simulate having all the speakers you are used to having in a 5.0 speaker system. Some soundbars have a sub woofer input built into them for attaching a powered sub. Soundbars also can be much cheaper than buying a speaker package.

So there you have it, the significance of soundbars. These can be used in a dorm room, kids room or any small room that you wish to watch tv or movies in. So if you thought that you couldn’t afford decent speakers or a decent receiver look no further than a soundbar to fit all your home theater needs.

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