This post is for all of those people who don’t seem to care about what something really sounds like. Perhaps you know them or know someone who does. This post is not about surround sound it’s about The difference between monotone and stereo.

Please pass this article on to them to help them. I have spoken with many people who just don’t get it – why sound quality matters. They all tell you that they are not into having speakers. Maybe it’s the size, maybe it’s the expense or in most cases I have found it to be that they really don’t care about what sound they hear (or could be hearing). 

These people are not just against having an over the top custom surround sound, they do not have a surround sound system at all – not even a soundbar, nor do they want to! These people are somehow satisfied with the sound (what little there is) that is emitted from that tiny hidden speaker in their tv’s, cell phones, laptops and tablets. To them I say “Don’t settle for poor quality sound when you don’t have to.”

This post is not about surround sound it’s about The difference between monotone and stereo.

Monotone is just that mono. Mono means one. That’s it – just one speaker for all sound.

Stereo is two speakers instead of one. But that’s not where it ends – it’s not just louder because you have doubled your number of speakers, it’s much more than that! Stereo gives you different sound effects out of each speaker simultaneously. With stereo you will hear things that you did not hear before because it just wasn’t there before. 

Weather you choose to watch a tv show or a movie (which is what most Americans do all to often) or just listen to music why not take pleasure in hearing it in stereo? Your car stereo comes in stereo not mono, and computer speakers are not sold as a single speaker so why settle for monotone when you can have stereo instead?



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