happy_thanksgiving_c_09Temperatures are cooling down, its getting dark out sooner at night and we have had a recent time change. What does this mean? It means that another season has come and gone and now we have Thanksgiving to start thinking about. Thanksgiving is that special time of year when families both close and far away get together to spend time with each other.  Football is in full swing and Basketball is just getting started too. These are great times to hang out and enjoy the game. But wait, if you are hosting the game with friends and family are you prepared? What about the music in the background and the Thanksgiving Day parade on TV – are you prepared for them?

Don’t worry, Premium Audio has a holiday checklist designed just for you in mind. Unlike the typical checklists ours is all about entertaining your guests. Other checklists are all the same; they talk about who’s coming, where do they sleep and what do they eat and drink questions. We know you already have that more or less figured out so here is our list of what you need to remember in time for Thanksgiving:

  1. How many games will be on and when?     Make sure to have this written down so nothing is missed.
  2. Do you have enough seats?     Better take a headcount first.
  3. How will you watch the game(s)?   Do you have a big enough TV or multiple large TV’s or perhaps projectors?
  4. Will everyone be able to hear the game(s)?  In order to make it loud enough your receiver must  be able to drive your speakers and your speakers need to be powerful enough to handle this.
  5. Do you have a bookshelf stereo system for background music to go with the conversation? Dead silence makes for awkwardness, don’t let this happen to you.

Hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday season this year!

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