As promised earlier this month we have rebuilt our store with products from two new suppliers (instead of just one like before). We are now open and will continue to finish stocking our store by month end. At the time of this writing we have 112 products (not counting e-books) in our store. We realize this is a smaller store inventory then before (190 products), but it is a good enough start to re-open with.

We also promised to have some higher end products and we accomplished that too! Premium Audio now welcomes Sony and Onkyo to our receiver line-up, and Teac for some of our audio components. We are proud to have accomplished finding a way to keep the entire BIC line of speakers alive. We have always carried BIC and we now continue to do so. In addition to keeping BIC speakers we also welcome Pyle, TIC, Jensen, BeFree and OEM speakers to our new mix of speakers.

By the end of the month our store will be fully stocked so please do check back to see what else is new. We have two more suppliers we are looking into possibly adding for even more products and plan to have about 200 products soon!

For those who are familiar with our site already you will notice a much cleaner looking website that is much easier to use and a revised logo. Thank you for your patience and welcome back to Premium Audio.




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