This was not the blog posting we had intended to post today. We have another one ready to go, that will come out later. Thank you to all of our visitors over the years for finding us online and sharing us with others! Premium Audio, as you may know, has gone thru many changes over the years and is going thru another one right now. We had a falling out with our wholesaler/supplier. What this means to you is we cannot sell any of the almost 200 physical products in our store at the time of this posting. Don’t worry Premium Audio will persevere! We prefer to think positive and refer to this as yet another  “growth spurt” for us as we plan to have a better selection of hopefully higher end products available.

In retrospect our supplier was behind the times in many ways – eliminated equalizers, no way to automatically update our store inventory with theirs (this created a 2 hour grueling process of manually updating inventory daily), only offered one Blu-ray player and restricted product lines from e-commerce stores because they still believe in physical stores being the way to go; yet all around us we continue to see and hear about physical stores going bankrupt and disappearing. After their 30+ years in business, perhaps their time will end soon too! We do not believe in bad mouthing companies so we will not reveal the name of that supplier since Premium Audio is above that! The truth is we were planning to search for others anyway because these signs were becoming ever more prevalent, but we all procrastinate because we hate change and so we are in this situation now. It is Premium Audio’s fault for failing to act on what we saw before us – so sorry!

We have already completed our preliminary searches for new suppliers. In the next few days we will be actively reaching out to potential suppliers to learn more about them and secure at least two (hopefully more) to be our new suppliers of products to be available here. We will then go thru the painstaking task of updating all inventory in our store and will post when that change has been completed. Once completed we will finally be linked as a store in The Mall of the Internet which was supposed to have happened already. Being linked there will surely help to introduce us to even more people looking for better home theatre options.

Let this be a lesson to anyone who sells anything online: always have a plan B; plan B being having a backup supplier in case something unforeseeable were to happen. It is better to loose say half your products available to sell then all of them as we just experienced!

In the meanwhile:




If you want to get ready to go “Way Beyond Home Theatre” please purchase either of our other books still currently available here:




Thank you for your understanding. Premium Audio’s full store will be back soon. Please check back later this month as we hope to have our new store up and running then.

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