Premium Audio now has a revised blog. It took some time to restructure and test it, but it is finally complete. Why does this matter, you maybe asking yourself. This matters because we have been meaning to update it for quite some time now, but at work as in life we are always super busy.

Three things happened when starting on this lofty task of creating a revised blog. 1) We did as we set out to and created a much better organized layout of our posts. Originally it was a jumbled mess; but not any more.  2) We actually broke it down to two pages from one. Now you can choose from either the Blog Index Directory or the Home Theater Blog. 3) We discovered something that we had long forgotten.

The Blog Index Directory lists postings by month and year like before, but now also lets you see the names of the posts. This will help you to determine what you actually want to read instead of randomly picking a month and year not knowing what the topics would be. The Home Theater Blog (originally titled “blog”) now lets you just keep scrolling down as you read thru it. You can read from the most recent to the very first posting if you wish to.

When cleaning up our blog we discovered that we missed our 2 year anniversary of running a blog. In fact we missed it by a long shot! Come to think of it, we never even mentioned when we made it to a one year anniversary for our blog. That just goes to show you how busy we have been. As it turns out we started the blog April 2015. If our calculations are correct this posting that you are now reading is our 41st blog. We ow it all to you, our readers, for giving us a reason to continue writing all of these years. As always, if you find something here at Premium Audio that you like, please do not hesitate to share us with others. Thank You!

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