(left to right) Back of surround sound system w/ 3 ceiling height speakers. Right rear receiver


(left to right) Left rear receiver. Left side speaker stand w/ two different height speakers


(left to right) Left rear and left side.

Right rear and right side.


(left to right) Right side speaker stand with two different height speakers. Right front speaker.

(left to right) Front view of surround sound w/ subs under table. Notice the 3 ceiling height speakers too. Rear view of surround sound w/3 subs.

(left to right) rear surround sound w/ 3 subs. right side with sub and a front speaker and rear receiver.

(left to right) front center and front left and right subs (excuse the Christmas totes). Close up of the front of the surround sound showing the speaker selectors (under the hi-def widescreen computer monitor that was used as a tv).



Another view of the front of the surround sound.




As you can see Premium Audio’s own home theatre setups are not just ideas to fantasize about, the surround sounds we create we actually do test. These photos shown on this page are of Premium Audio’s 22.8 Channel Surround Sound.

Premium Audio and it’s owner (and author of this and all of Premium Audio’s other surround sounds) do not claim to be installers, hence the wires everywhere. This was simply done for testing and not to be a permanent setup otherwise steps would have been taken to try to hide wires. Thank you for your understanding – Premium Audio

These photos were taken in 2016. The setup was done in a 12 x 12 bedroom for optimal acoustics. Copyright 2016 Premium Audio