Having tested so many speakers over the years, one would think that I would have heard all that I need to hear. This is not the case, in fact it is just the opposite for me since I enjoy the testing so much. Just when I think I have heard the best sound quality from a speaker and settle on it for my own main home theater setup I find something even better than before. I have played with different brands, different sizes, different elevations and different locations and never seem to grow tired of testing. My goal is to have the best sound without having to crank it up too much to appreciate it. I do not want just the best speaker, but actually seek out the best overall mix of speakers that blend together with similar tone quality. Balance is key here. If one speaker is better than the rest it will stand out and distract from the overall sound.

Most recently I switched to a mid size speaker setup consisting of 5.25″ two way speakers with bass ports and love it even more than going old school with an 8″ center, a pair of 12’s up front, a pair of 8’s on the sides and a pair of 10’s in the back. My mid size speaker setup consists of all pairs being 5.25″ two way speakers with bass ports. The sound is just awesome….crystal clear highs, fantastic sound movement that fills the room rather nicely and good quality mid bass. For the deep bass I continue to run two pairs of powered subs. The testing has been conducted in an open rectangular shaped great room. Prior to this I had tested out satellite speakers and was impressed (not so much as to want them in the main movie room). This test is with a 7.2 channel surround sound. For those whom have read my prior blogs you know that I recommend a minimum of an 8.2 channel surround sound. The reason I did not test with an 8.2 channel surround sound is because my living room is too small. If it were hooked up it would cause people to sit too close to the rear center and possibly damage their hearing.

All three setups have their pro’s and con’s, yet despite this I show the mid size setup to be the best for movies. Perhaps 6.50″ speakers would be even better since they should be able to dish out even more tight mid bass sound without sacrificing the crystal clear highs. Technology has advanced speaker designs so much now that bigger is no longer the best when it comes to home theatre.

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