One of my favorite surround sounds is my 8.1 channel surround sound. As cool as it is, wiring it up could have been simpler and now it is. Today’s posting is about a much easier way to make this surround sound work. The advantage of this surround sound is that no wire splicing is needed.

To start you will need a 7.1 channel surround sound receiver. Next (while everything is powered off for safety) connect a speaker selector box (switch) to the rear left and right spot on the receiver. To do this simply take the left and right speaker wire that you connect to the receiver (like you were connecting a pair of speakers) and connect the other end into the amp portion of the switch. This sends the signal out of the receiver and into the switch. Next connect a rear center (or any speaker you choose to use for a rear center) to one of the outputs on the switch (labeled as “a,b,c,d” or “1,2,3,4”). Also connect the speakers you would normally use for the rear left and right connectors on the receiver to this switch.

Now when a movie has sound effects for the rear speakers it split that signal and share it with your rear center. As a result you have three rear speakers instead of two (left, center and rear). Because you are adding a speaker you will most likely need to boost the volume for the rear speakers (or possibly for the entire receiver). Be sure to turn on the speaker outputs on the switch that you are planning to use.


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