In the last posting I explained how to make it easier to improve upon 8 channel surround sound. This forced me to revisit the 14 channel surround sound also made ages ago as a Premium Audio exclusive. So here it is almost three years after the original version was published. This is a completely different take on it and personally I believe a much better version! Now much easier to connect and with four powered subs instead of only one or two of them.

What you will need to make this work:

  • 7.1 channel receiver with a ‘y’ cable off the sub woofer input for 7.2 channel surround sound. Not sure what this means? Check out this book for more information.
  • Another 7.1 channel receiver with a ‘y’ cable off the sub woofer input.

One receiver will control 7 speakers at ceiling height and the other will control 7 speakers at ear level.

Place one sub in each corner of the room. This will be a total of 4 powered sub woofers. Adjust the sub woofers as needed to make them play at the same desired volume. Keep in mind the volume will not need to be very loud with four subs. I recommend starting them at 1/4 volume and test from there.

Use a ‘y’ cable off the red output on the DVD, Blu-Ray or Roku you have. Use another ‘y’ cable off the white output on the same DVD, Blu-Ray or Roku you have. Connect an RCA cable to each end of the ‘y’ cables. Connect the other end of the RCA cables to the appropriate receivers DVD input. You can use a different input if you like. I suggest this input since it makes logical sense that you will use this input for movies. This connection will allow audio connections to play at the same speed to both 7.1 channel receivers simultaneously. It will not be digital sound, but the receivers will simulate it as digital and you will hardly notice the difference if at all.

Use an HDMI cable to connect that same DVD, Blu-Ray or Roku to the TV for a crisp picture. Keep the TV volume muted to avoid an annoying echo sound. Make sure both receivers are using the input you connected the DVD, Blu-Ray or Roku to (with RCA cables). Make sure the TV is on the correct input as well (to match the input you connected the HDMI to). Connect 7 speakers to each receiver following the manufacturer directions. Now without any wire splicing you have 14.4 channel surround sound.

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