As I continually test and retest my own surround sound creations, improvements are bound to happen and that is a good thing! Today I will cover how to properly balance the volume needed for so many speakers. As you will soon discover the solution is such a simple one that I feel dumb for not discovering it much earlier – sorry about that.

Okay so here’s the scenario:

Your running X number of speakers, plus 4 powered subs and 4 pseuodo subs. You really have to crank up the volume to power the pseudo subs don’t you? They are after all 12’s connected to switches that share the load with other much smaller speakers. You have to be careful how loud you go because the smaller speakers just might not be able to handle that much volume without distortion.

What do you do?

Add a third receiver. Instead of running the 12’s off the switches connect them to this additional receiver. Now you can adjust the sound as needed for the smaller speakers with their receiver and adjust the sound for the larger speakers with this other receiver. Placement of the speakers will not change from how you have them setup at all.

But how do I get sound to this third receiver?

I’m already splitting the sound from the DVD player, ROKU (or whatever I am using to play movies from). This is an easy fix too! Keep the splitter for audio off the DVD, ROKU (or whatever your using). On that video device there is another way to connect it for audio so use it too. In most cases this will be a HDMI connection. Connect the HDMI from the video device directly to the third receiver.

Won’t I get a weird echo like you mention in a previous blog posting? Normally yes, but in this case no. Here’s why this will not create an echo. The third receiver is simply for the pseudo subs. Since psuedo subs are only for bass (the mids and tweeters are covered over and the speakers are on the floor and up against a wall) you will not notice an echo.

Hopefully this post has helped you in determining how to properly balance the volume needed for so many speakers. Not sure what surround sound to use? Click here to see what we offer.


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