Modifications to 15.2 surround sound and beyond / 22.4 channel surround sound:

We decided to make our final surround sound the very best of all!

So here it is: 22.4 channel surround sound!

In the book Customize Your Home Theater 5.1 channel to 15.2 and everything in between, it calls for two additional receivers, possibly three.

Do this instead and build a 22.4 channel system:

  • Use a speaker switch for the two pairs of rear speakers used in a 15.2 channel surround sound system. Then use one rear receiver for one rear center and for the rear height speakers. Correction: Use one rear receiver for both rear centers. Then use another rear receiver for the ceiling height rear speakers. Use the speaker switch for all 6 rear speakers (2 rear centers, 2 rear speakers and 2 rear ceiling height speakers). From the switch 4 of the speakers then get connected to the appropriate rear receivers. This allows you to adjust the volume and tone of the higher elevation speakers. The speaker switch connects to the surround sound receiver and both pairs of speakers plug into it. Correction: The speaker switch connects to the surround sound receiver and all 6 speakers plug into it. The rear receiver will also connect of the speaker switch.
  • Use a speaker switch for both pair of the side speakers. This connects to the surround sound receiver.
  • Use a speaker switch for two pairs of main speakers. Use a front receiver (not the surround sound receiver) for the front height speakers and one additional pair of main speakers (the partially elevated ones). The speaker switch connects to the surround sound receiver.
  • This takes the amazing 21.2 surround sound system and fills in the only gap left uncovered. It allows for two front centers. You will have the normal center located just below the tv (or above it, but not recommended in here in this case) and also adds a “front height center” which will be at the same height as both the front height speakers, the rear height speakers, the side height speakers and the taller of the two rear centers. This will require a switch from the surround sound receiver to connect both front centers to it.
  • Now you have a complete 8.0 surround at a very high elevations in addition to one pair of main speakers partially elevated and the rest at their normal height.
  •  Add two more subwoofers to complete the surround sound spectrum with four subwoofers! This is called .4 (remember .1 = one subwoofer so .4 = four subwoofers). Use the same information provided in the book: Customize your home theater 5.1 channel to 15.2 and everything in between on how to take a receiver designed to have one subwoofer actually work with two subwoofers simultaneously and apply it to a receiver designed to run two subwoofers. Doing this will let you run four subwoofers at the same time! You will place one subwoofer in each corner of the room at about equal distance apart (if possible, based upon room dimensions).

If anyone ever tries to create something with more than 22.4 channels question why and ask to see a diagram because it will not be from us and will be completely unnecessary and extremely unlikely that it will actually work!

Copyright November 2015 Premium Audio

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Please note the corrections listed in bold were added on 9/4/16 after finally completely testing of the 22.4 channel surround sound. 

Corrections Copyright Premium Audio 9/4/16