Home Theatre Diagrams

         Here at Premium Audio, we always like to provide accurate information that is written in an easy to understand format. The last thing we want to do is to improperly educate you or confuse you in any way. With that being said, we are providing free diagrams of where approximately each speaker should be placed around your sofa and television.

All of these diagrams listed below are copyright 2014- 2016 by Premium Audio

         While these images are meant to be very basic, they are accurate and will help you to properly setup your home theater system. Please refer to them anytime you decide to move or upgrade your setup. Keep in mind some people choose to use two sub woofers and not just one. For this reason you will see two subs shown in each image. Having two sub woofers is a personal preference to be decided by you. Here at Premium Audio we recommend having at least two sub woofers instead of just one.

.1 = One sub woofer            .2 = Two sub woofers       .4 = Four sub woofers

5.1 Channel       7.1 Channel       8.2 Channel    9.2 Channel    10.2 Channel    11.2 Channel

12.2 Channel    13.2 Channel option 1    13.2 Channel option 2    14.2 Channel

15.2 Channel    17.2, 19.2, 21.2 Channel      22.4 Channel 

Pics of our 22.8 Channel Surround Sound

                          For more information on how to actually wire up any of these setups beyond a 7.1 channel system, please start by downloading this book:

“Customize Your Home Theater  5.1 channel to 15.2 and everything in between.”

 For any surround sounds beyond 15.2 this book is still a good start. Please refer to our blog postings about any surround sounds that are beyond 15.2 (17.2, 19.2, etc) for more information about them.

For even more advanced setups check out this book:

“The Evolution of Home Theatre: 22.8, 22.4.4 and 26.2. channel surround sounds.”

This book also includes 22.4, 22.6, 22.7 and 22.8 channel surround sounds.

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