Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

We thought it best to enhance our site with answers to common questions you may have about us or the products we sell. So here we go with our best effort put forth to make this page truly useful to you.

Does Premium Audio manufacture anything?

At the time of this posting the answer is no. We do however provide 3 e-books made by the owner of our company. One is even available to you for free. We hope in the future to start manufacturing or at least partnering with a manufacturer with hopes of making your sound even better! Please refer to our July 2017 postings for more about this in the post title: “Concept Audio.”

When did Premium Audio first come to be?

2005. We have been in several states (both coasts).

What tax rate do you charge?

None. We are licensed in Delaware where there is no tax. However if shipping to California we do have to collect sales tax.

If your order is to be shipped to California we have to charge you 8.25% sales tax instead of no tax. The reason for this is that we have items shipping from a California Warehouse.  The law states that orders shipped from any business with a California location to a California location must collect the states 8.25% sales tax.  When placing an order the shipping field will simply show the shipping cost and then the total of the items ordered plus shipping cost below it.

We are sorry to have to do this, however in this competitive market we cannot afford to absorb this cost we have to pay if the order ships to California. As a result all orders shipping to California require you to pay 8.25% sales tax. Rather than not allowing orders to ship to California we decided we would let you decide if you wish to order it from us.

Some items sold are heavy. How much is shipping going to cost?

Nothing. We do not charge for shipping regardless of the size, weight, quantity or cost of the items purchased. All orders include FREE shipping if delivered to the continental US.

Why does my order say that I paid the Mall of the Internet, LLC?

Premium Audio is owned by Mall of the Internet, LLC. When ordering from us your payment will show as being ordered from Mall of the Internet, LLC and not from Premium Audio.

Do you offer a physical store?

Sadly, no we do not. We would like to in the future and have a design concept in mind for how this could possibly work. Due to the cost of getting started and the fact that most physical stores fail we have held off on this idea. Perhaps someday we will revisit this idea. If we do we will post it in our blog for the world to see.

How can we reach you?

We try to make ourselves easily accessible. We can be found on many forms of social meda. Please refer to our page Let’s get social … on how best to reach us either thru social media or via email using the form at the bottom of the page.

Do you do installs or can you recommend someone who does?

Trust us, you would not want us to install anything. Writing about and testing how to do turn your home theatre into something unique and awesome is what we do best. Selling products to allow you to have those awesome sounding ideas of ours become a reality is our next best area of expertise.

Installs no way! See this page for an example of our installation or lack thereof and you will see why we do not do installs.

We have been considering the possibility of someday having local installers that we could recommend to you based on their proven track records. No plans of these being offered have been finalized at this time. If they are to be offered we will let you know in our blog.