Dolby vs DTS; Who’s better and Why?

For this posting I decided to simply list useful articles on this subject matter rather than include any of my own opinions. I thought it best to let you decide on your own based on others reviews. Read on to learn more. At the bottom I summarize it all in a single paragraph for you.

  • This article was taken from Crutchfield (a longtime leader in the industry of online electronics).
  • Home Theater Review is another trusted source. Here is what they had to say:
  • DTS
  • Dolby
  • Lot’s of people use Wikipedia as a point of reference so here is what they have to say on this matter:
  • DTS
  • Dolby
  • How to Geek had this to say.

What Hi-Fi? said this.

  • I also found this really short and easy to read comparison from a site I have never heard of called: Make Tech Easier.

In conclusion, everyone is a critic. To answer the question of “Dolby vs DTS; Who’s better and Why?” The actual answer is dependent on you testing it for yourself in your own home because in the end acoustics matter and every location of home theatre is different. For more information on setting up your best home theatre in your home please read my books and blog for tips and tricks.


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