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14.4 channel surround sound

In the last posting I explained how to make it easier to improve upon 8 channel surround sound. This forced me to revisit the 14 channel surround sound also made ages ago as a Premium Audio exclusive. So here it is almost three years after the original version was published. This is a completely different take on it and personally I believe a much better version! Now much easier to connect and with four powered subs instead of only one or two of them.

What you will need to make this work:

  • 7.1 channel receiver with a ‘y’ cable off the sub woofer input for 7.2 channel surround sound. Not sure what this means? Check out this book for more information.
  • Another 7.1 channel receiver with a ‘y’ cable off the sub woofer input.

One receiver will control 7 speakers at ceiling height and the other will control 7 speakers at ear level.

Place one sub in each corner of the room. This will be a total of 4 powered sub woofers. Adjust the sub woofers as needed to make them play at the same desired volume. Keep in mind the volume will not need to be very loud with four subs. I recommend starting them at 1/4 volume and test from there.

Use a ‘y’ cable off the red output on the DVD, Blu-Ray or Roku you have. Use another ‘y’ cable off the white output on the same DVD, Blu-Ray or Roku you have. Connect an RCA cable to each end of the ‘y’ cables. Connect the other end of the RCA cables to the appropriate receivers DVD input. You can use a different input if you like. I suggest this input since it makes logical sense that you will use this input for movies. This connection will allow audio connections to play at the same speed to both 7.1 channel receivers simultaneously. It will not be digital sound, but the receivers will simulate it as digital and you will hardly notice the difference if at all.

Use an HDMI cable to connect that same DVD, Blu-Ray or Roku to the TV for a crisp picture. Keep the TV volume muted to avoid an annoying echo sound. Make sure both receivers are using the input you connected the DVD, Blu-Ray or Roku to (with RCA cables). Make sure the TV is on the correct input as well (to match the input you connected the HDMI to). Connect 7 speakers to each receiver following the manufacturer directions. Now without any wire splicing you have 14.4 channel surround sound.

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New and Improved 8 Channel Surround Sound

One of my favorite surround sounds is my 8.1 channel surround sound. As cool as it is, wiring it up could have been simpler and now it is. Today’s posting is about a much easier way to make this surround sound work. The advantage of this surround sound is that no wire splicing is needed.

To start you will need a 7.1 channel surround sound receiver. Next (while everything is powered off for safety) connect a speaker selector box (switch) to the rear left and right spot on the receiver. To do this simply take the left and right speaker wire that you connect to the receiver (like you were connecting a pair of speakers) and connect the other end into the amp portion of the switch. This sends the signal out of the receiver and into the switch. Next connect a rear center (or any speaker you choose to use for a rear center) to one of the outputs on the switch (labeled as “a,b,c,d” or “1,2,3,4”). Also connect the speakers you would normally use for the rear left and right connectors on the receiver to this switch.

Now when a movie has sound effects for the rear speakers it split that signal and share it with your rear center. As a result you have three rear speakers instead of two (left, center and rear). Because you are adding a speaker you will most likely need to boost the volume for the rear speakers (or possibly for the entire receiver). Be sure to turn on the speaker outputs on the switch that you are planning to use.


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The Next Great Surround Sound ….

So you’ve heard about all of the surround sounds that both Dolby and DTS have made and they have come along way. Since 2014 Premium Audio has been inventing, testing and writing about their exclusive surround sounds. Fast forward to 2017 …. Premium Audio went “way beyond home theatre” in vastly surpassing the capabilities of existing surround sound as we know it today. So what’s next? Is Premium Audio going to unleash something “way, way beyond home theatre” or is time for others to step it up?

How can surround sound get even better then 22.4 (a Premium Audio exclusive in 2016)? In order to push the envelope further and make things even better sometimes it requires a little time to stop and reflect and let the next ideas come to you. This is exactly what Premium Audio is doing at this point. Like anything to become better it requires a problem to be identified and then the brain storming can begin. At the time of this posting no news has come about involving any new surround sounds from Dolby or DTS so right now we do not have an answer as to what the next surround sound will be. We can only hope that whatever it is and whoever comes up with it that it serves a purpose and is worth upgrading to.

Perhaps it will not be a new surround sound. It could be a new speaker technology or material used to make the speakers or components. Maybe it will be a new way to sit and watch movies? TV’s have improved by leaps and bounds so it is doubtful that TV’s will somehow evolve again soon. Right now our plans are to update and expand our product lines.

So what is next for Premium Audio? We are hoping to acquire another brand or two of speakers, but we cannot discuss details until everything is finalized. In 2018 we will be promoting a book about how to build speaker stands yourself. The book of course will include a few unique features that will be exclusive to us so they are not just another pair of speaker stands. Who knows maybe Premium Audio will once again create another incredible surround sound topping it’s latest ones or maybe improve on something new from someone else. We will have to wait and see.

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22.8 Channel Surround Sound

22.8 Channel Surround Sound

After months of promising something big and having to postpone it, the wait is finally over. While finishing up testing the worlds first 22.4 channel surround sound that I created for Premium Audio, I came across a revolutionary idea and that idea is the topic of this blog posting: 22.8 Channel Surround Sound.

Let me break this down for those unfamiliar with my unorthodox approaches to bettering surround sound that run rampant here at Premium Audio. Simply put, 22.8 channel surround sound means that there are 22 speakers (not the industry standard of just 5 speakers) and 8 powered sub woofers (not the traditional one or perhaps two of them).

The idea here is not to deafen you, but instead to provide you the most accurate depiction of bass placement in a movie as possible. No longer will all sub woofers play the bass simultaneously, but instead will play the bass out of only the most appropriate sub (or pair of sub woofers) based on the closest proximity to the speaker reproducing sound at the moment. Just think about that a moment…imagine an explosion comes out of the right rear speaker and the boom to represent the impact of the explosion coming out from just the rear pair of powered subs. Or how about this….the explosion comes from the center channel speaker and the boom to go with it comes from one single powered sub located directly under the center channel.

Had you been were watching that same movie with current traditional surround sounds (not created by Premium Audio) such as a 7.2 channel surround sound for instance this would have sounded completely different. With just two powered subs they would have been placed in the front of the room (one in the left corner and the other in the right corner) they would have both dispersed the boom effect at the same time and with the same volume (provided they are identical subs set to the same volume level). Not to knock this since it is a good surround sound, but think about how inaccurate the boom would have been. It would have been coming from the completely wrong direction in the example of the explosion coming from the right rear corner of the room and had it been intended to come from the center channel it would have made the impression that the boom filled the entire front of the room instead of just directly in front of you.

With enough rapid movement of action, film companies can trick you into believing this to be correct. The truth is, this is nothing more than an advanced shell game where they are really just creating deception thru a constant bombardment of sound to trick your eyes into being a believer. The faster the movement is, the more effective the trick is. Don’t let them trick you, the next time you watch a film (especially an action one) really focus on the film. If it is a good film, watch it again while once again paying careful attention to not only what you hear, but also what you see and you too will come to realize the inadequacies in the current surround sounds that films are encoded in.

Although the current traditional surround sounds have come a long way in trying to make the brain believe you are in the middle of all the action, they are still generations behind my concepts that I alone continue to create, test and ultimately offer to you. Interested in learning more about how to wire this up? If so, please download my latest book: “The Evolution of Home Theatre: 22.8, 22.4.4, and 22.6.2 channel surround sounds.”

 – Written 10/30/16 By Anthony Di Chiaro; published February 2017 for Premium Audio

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Way Beyond Home Theatre; surround sounds by Premium Audio

Way Beyond Home Theatre

Happy New Year!

In December we went over the history of surround sound prior to Premium Audio so logically our next blog should be about what Premium Audio has done for surround sound. Here it is; way beyond home theatre; surround sounds by Premium Audio. Information about these surround sounds can be found on our website under Home Theatre Diagrams, our blog page and of course the book: Customize Your Home Theater.



11.1 (not the same as what Dolby created)









The implementation of pseudo subs into surround sound

More to follow…. Just when you think we cannot take it to another level we do just that. In February we will discuss what is next. Stay tuned….