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Our You Tube Channel has been updated

After forgetting about a video project for what was at the time our upcoming 22.4 channel surround sound we have found the footage. It is now posted to our You Tube channel. All video was shot in January 2016 using a hi-def 1080 widescreen new Fuji Camera that was purchased just for this project. At the time of this post we ended up posting 4 videos.

Sorry for the delay. You can see the videos here. Hopefully in 2018 we can get back to shooting and perhaps with better lighting.

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Household Name

Years ago I decided I wanted to grow my business Premium Audio into a household name. When originally creating Premium Audio back in 2005 (where does the time go?) it started out as merely a hobby of mine. I had found that I wanted to make a business around something I truly loved – home theatre and so the journey began!

Originally Premium Audio was an E-Bay store. In 2014 I began my search for website formats to create a real store of my own online instead of being simply a store in an online marketplace. I stuck with Wix for close to a year before the real dabbling began. I then ventured into countless online store programs (Tomato Cart, X-Cart, Prestashop, Weebly, Big Commerce and Shopify to name a few). Most of these are really good places to build an e-commerce business (some are total crap).

After a year of many different Premium Audio stores online I finally tried Word Press because I could not create a good looking blog site. I did not know at the time that Word Press really could be more than a blog site so for some time Premium Audio had two live sites (the store and the blog site). As I got more comfortable with Word Press I discovered Woo Commerce and suddenly my solution to how to sell online with a Word Press site was finally solved! I kept the old website address ( online as a redirect to the new store and blog site ( for about two years. I left the original Wix site online since its free and simply updated the links to take visitors to this website you are on right now. That Wix site is from 2014. I did mostly the same with the Weebly version. Since September 2015 Premium Audio’s home has been a single Word Press site and here it will remain.

The point of all of this is that if you have a dream or goal you should work towards making it into a reality. My journey with Premium Audio has been a long one and is by no means finished, but thru constant trial and error and some research along the way I have done it and so can you! This month Premium Audio is finally ranking with two of the major websites for estimating the popularity of a website. This is a first for Premium Audio as it has never even been a blip on the radar of either site. With the continuance of this blog (2.5 years +), several e-books written and sold on both this site and Amazon as well as social media (mostly Facebook) it had failed to rank.








What made it finally rank? I believe it is three things (all of which occurred in 2017). 1) Being linked to the Mall of the Internet as a store which has grown in popularity in its very first year  2) Being linked to a new search engine (the WorldWideWeb) which is linked to the Mall of the Internet and has also grown in popularity 3) No longer having two website addresses to one site which I believe have been splitting the site rankings for both domain names.


Is Premium Audio finally a household name? Not quite, but almost. In 2018 we will be doing Facebook advertising (a first for this company), release our latest e-book (this will be about custom speaker stands), and hopefully continue our expansion of products in our store. The new e-book has been an idea of mine since 2009 when I started sketching the diagrams out on paper.  I did not move forward with the ideas because originally I wanted to go into the manufacturing business for them and quickly realized it would be too costly to rent a building, hire people, buy tools for mass production and buy supplies to make them with. In 2017 I came across the old designs and decided they could be made as an e-book for others to use to make their own stands with since making a pair or two will not be that expensive. One thing is for sure, 2018 will surely be a challenging year for Premium Audio, but it is a welcome challenge!

Happy New Year from Premium Audio


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FREE Shipping

New shipping policy:

We no longer charge for shipping regardless of the size, weight, quantity or cost of the items purchased. All orders now include FREE shipping. This new policy goes into effect as of now. Also keep in mind we do not charge sales tax either. Take a look at what we have to offer in our store.

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Our new logo is here

We have just changed over to our new logo. We hope you like it. It better promotes our over the top surround sounds with the mentioning of our latest one – 30.4.4. Also there is no longer the confusion of is it or .us. Now it is simply

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Revised Blog

Premium Audio now has a revised blog. It took some time to restructure and test it, but it is finally complete. Why does this matter, you maybe asking yourself. This matters because we have been meaning to update it for quite some time now, but at work as in life we are always super busy.

Three things happened when starting on this lofty task of creating a revised blog. 1) We did as we set out to and created a much better organized layout of our posts. Originally it was a jumbled mess; but not any more.  2) We actually broke it down to two pages from one. Now you can choose from either the Blog Index Directory or the Home Theater Blog. 3) We discovered something that we had long forgotten.

The Blog Index Directory lists postings by month and year like before, but now also lets you see the names of the posts. This will help you to determine what you actually want to read instead of randomly picking a month and year not knowing what the topics would be. The Home Theater Blog (originally titled “blog”) now lets you just keep scrolling down as you read thru it. You can read from the most recent to the very first posting if you wish to.

When cleaning up our blog we discovered that we missed our 2 year anniversary of running a blog. In fact we missed it by a long shot! Come to think of it, we never even mentioned when we made it to a one year anniversary for our blog. That just goes to show you how busy we have been. As it turns out we started the blog April 2015. If our calculations are correct this posting that you are now reading is our 41st blog. We ow it all to you, our readers, for giving us a reason to continue writing all of these years. As always, if you find something here at Premium Audio that you like, please do not hesitate to share us with others. Thank You!