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DTS Stereo Plus

DTS Sound


DTS TruVolume HD

44.4.4 Channel Surround Sound


DTS-HD Master Audio

DTS Studio Sound


I took some much needed rest and relaxation and now the blog is ready to continue. I have lot’s of new articles already written and they will be dispersed in the coming months.

Included in this collection will be an extensive breakdown of all of the Dolby surround sounds, DTS surround sounds and of course all new Premium Audio exclusive surround sounds.

August 2020


July 2020

Nothing posted

June 2020

Dolby Digital Plus

May 2020

Dolby Pro-Logic II

April 2020

DTS Digital Surround

March 2020

DTS Surround Sound Formats

February 2020

Dolby Digital


November 2019

The Rise and Fall of Television as we once knew it

October 2019

9.4 channel surround sound

September 2019

Nothing was posted, but many draft ideas were written for later publication. Sorry we forgot to post.

August 2019

12.4.4 Channel Surround Sound

July 2019

A simple way to improve your music

June 2019

20.4.4 Channel Surround Sound

May 2019

The difference between monotone and stereo

April 2019

The problems that you create when using a powered subwoofer

March 2019

A twist on how to improve how your music can sound

February 2019

The Importance of Surge Suppression

January 2019

Obscure tracks for sound tests


December 2018

Final comments about my 13 speaker surround sound system

November 2018

13.0.2 Channel Surround Sound

October 2018

18.4.4 Channel Surround Sound

July 2018

Streaming Options for Audio and Video

June 2018

Dolby Pro-Logic Revisited

May 2018

The significance of soundbars

How to improve your home theater

April 2018

Advanced Tips for your Ultimate Home Theater

How to properly balance the volume needed for so many speakers

March 2018

Optional Variations to 9.5.4 Channel Surround Sound

February 2018

Our You Tube Channel has been updated: Now showing footage of our 22.4 channel surround sound

9.5.4 Channel Surround Sound

January 2018

How to make your own custom surround sounds

Household Name


December 2017

Why Multiple Elevations Matter for Home Theatre

November 2017

30.4.4 Channel Surround Sound

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Premium Audio T-Shirt

October 2017

Coming Soon – 30.4.4 Channel Surround Sound

Our new logo is here

An audiophiles favorite brands for eclectic sound

Wall of Bass

September 2017

16.4 and 20.4 channel surround sounds

14.4 Channel Surround Sound

August 2017

New and Improved 8 Channel Surround Sound

Best music for sound checks

July 2017

Revised Blog

             Product Selection Update

          Concept Audio

June 2017

Our store is now open again!

       Store Inventory Update

May 2017

Best Surround Sound Options When on a Tight Budget

April 2017

The Next Great Surround Sound ….

March 2017

Become one with your movies!

February 2017

22.8 Channel Surround Sound

January 2017

Way Beyond Home Theatre; surround sounds by Premium Audio


December 2016

Coming Soon….22.8 channel surround sound

                                 The history of surround sound prior to Premium Audio

November 2016

The implementation of “pseudo subs” into existing surround sound formats

October 2016

Variation to 22.4 Channel Surround

Updates for Fall 2016

 September 2016

22.4 channel surround sound test results

August 2016

13.2 Channel Surround Sound

July 2016

 Down Firing Subs vs Front Firing Subs

June 2016

Which is better, 6.1 or 7.1 channel surround sound?

Best music for sound checks

May 2016

Best movies for sound tests

April 2016

The Optimal Surround Sound

March 2016

Ways to Enjoy Televison and Movies

February 2016

Connect your tablet to your stereo if streaming music is not an option for you

      Upcoming changes for 2016

January 2016

Now featured on a mall site too

                             Optimize the sound coming out of your speakers


December 2015

Christmas is almost here

              22.4 Channel Surround Sound

November 2015 

21.2 Channel Surround Sound

               Thanksgiving Means Family Time

                                 Christmas shopping season is almost upon us

October 2015 

Best Halloween Movies to watch and hear

                             19.2 channel surround sound/What sets Premium Audio apart from the rest?

                             17.2 Channel Surround Sound

August 2015

Movies; which speakers are best?

                          For music, bigger speakers are simply better.

July 2015

Speaker tone and how it can effect what you hear

June 2015

Why a 15.2 channel surround sound can be so cool!

                      The importance of planning your home theater setup

May 2015

A single Sub woofer, or should I have two of them?

                       Sound quality. Which is better…then or now?

April 2015 

5.1, 6.1, 7.1; What surround sound to choose?