Premium Audio has always pushed for more than the basic setup, but what if you cannot afford our over the top setups? That’s ok, we have you covered there too. In this post we will discuss several entry level options to get you started with. Don’t feel bad about the money you spend today on a system 1) rather than waiting quite some time for what you want you get to enjoy a better system today than the one you have now. 2) You can always relocate this system to a bedroom when you upgrade later.


   A Soundbar will instantly make the poor sound quality you have from just a television go away. It will be replaced with a single speaker typically the same length as the tv. This one speaker will have much better sound. Need to turn up the sound for low level dialogue scenes, but afraid of the distortion? Don’t be afraid any longer, problem solved. With just a television all you have is a pair of tweeters, whereas with a soundbar you get a tweeter and two mid range speakers (mids) to produce better bass tone without distortion. Because you have a pair of mids the tweeter no longer has to work so hard to produce all the sound; instead the tweeter recreates the rest of the sound. The result? Much clearer sound at all volumes. For those that want more bass purchase a soundbar that comes with a sub woofer. Now the super deep bass can be reproduced too. A soundbar connects to the television with a single wire or perhaps two (depending on the setup). The optional sub woofer (sub) connects to the soundbar with a single wire. Place the sub on the floor about a half inch to an inch from the wall and put the soundbar directly above, below or in front of the television (if it doesn’t block the screen). That’s it, just one to two wires for the soundbar and one for the sub all easily hidden. It couldn’t be easier!

Home Theater in a Box (HTIB)

   Ready for even better sound? If you are, be prepared to be amazed. Like the soundbar setup this is relatively simple, most wires can be easily hidden and the price can be very affordable. Unlike the soundbar more speakers are used for better sound movement. This helps to better recreate the feeling of actually being in the middle of the action and not just watching it. With this setup you will have a receiver and typically a DVD or Blu-ray player all rolled into one device. All of your speakers will then connect to this one device. Depending on the type of connection used, one to five wires will be used to connect this device to your television. Don’t worry this will not be hard to wire up. Most systems now use a single wire called an HDMI wire to provide the very best in sound and picture available. Even if the system you choose uses five wires they are all color coded (one end to the television and the other end to the device that your speakers connect to. Your speakers will each use a single wire to go from the device to the back of the speaker and the sub woofer will connect to the device with a single wire.

   A home theater in a box will use 5 speakers plus the sub woofer to move the sound around you. This is what is commonly referred to as a 5.1 channel surround system. All movies today have sound encoded in them for surround sound setups. Rest assured your home theater in a box knows how to unlock these sounds for you. With this type of setup you will have a center channel speaker which will provide most of the sound you will hear. Place this speaker where the soundbar would have gone. The sub woofer should be placed just like it would have been with the soundbar setup. Here is where things differ: you will have two additional pairs of speakers. One pair will be used up front (one speaker to the left and one speaker to the right of the television). The other pair will be used in the back (one speaker to left and one speaker to the right of your sofa). For best results try to place your front and back pairs of speakers at ear level when sitting. Since the speakers are all typically small in size they are usually wall mountable. This comes in handy if you do not have furniture you can place speakers on top of.

   So you see you are not throwing away your hard earned dollars because you can still get use out of today’s system even when you buy tomorrows system. As stated earlier connecting it all is super simple, the speakers are not very big and can be wall mounted, and wires are minimal and can be hidden so the question is no longer should I buy it, but what should I buy?

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