I love movies and I love music too! My collection spans well over 200 CD’s across multiple genres. In addition to this I have two MP3 players full of even more music and I also like to stream music. When it comes to testing a pair of speakers for music many ideas come to mind, but I always start with this one CD. Some may laugh since it’s not what you would expect from someone who primarily listens to hard rock and heavy metal and that’s ok, I have my reasons.

Depending upon my mood I can go from soft rock, hard rock, heavy metal, speed metal and death metal to new age country, some rap (very little), pop, alternative and even to the relaxing sound of Enya. Despite being interested in hearing sound effects in movies and television surprisingly I do not care for jazz music. I listen to many different eras too, not just today’s music, I go from the 1960’s to modern day. In the future I intend to experiment with vinyl. Despite being born in the 1970’s I have never owned a record, although I did have a turntable in high school.  When I was in high school cassettes were still popular and CD’s were new so I had a good size cassette collection.

If I only had one CD to test speakers with, it would be this one…. Fanmail by TLC. This CD is just amazing to relax and focus on. From the harmony of the background vocals to the mid bass and in a few instances some deep bass this CD continues to hold my attention all these years later. What I like best about it is the lead singers voice. Her voice is just incredible and with a really good pair of speakers and a good clean amp you will come to realize this too!

Most recently my favorite bands have been Halestorm, The Pretty Reckless and The Band Perry. Another great choice for speaker testing is to stream music from here for live recordings of Halestorm (most of which are acoustic sets).

For those of you who are reading this, please let us know what is your favorite music and why. Also, if you can think of any really good jazz music I should sample please let me know what that may be too.

Thank You.

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