I have touched on this lightly in the past, but wanted to update this listing for the best music for sound checks. So with that being said, here is my updated listing of what in my opinion I believe to be some of the best music for not only just listening to but really listening to for sound checks. For those whom are reading this and are unsure as to what I am getting at here is what I mean…

… a sound check is where you listen with full attention for exactly how something sounds. This can be done for bass, clarity or an overall combination of sound. Some people do this with sub woofers for the best deep booming bass, others for a surround sound setup, some just test the center channel. For todays posting I am focusing on music using a pair of good quality bookshelf speakers without a sub and without an eq for the best overall combination of sound (bass, treble, and stereo separation).

Lately I came across two of my personal all time favorite brand of speakers and began surround sound and music testing with them. I am hoping to someday offer one or both of these brands here. Let’s face it everyone has a sound preference for what sounds best for them and so there is no real wrong answer unless the speakers and or receiver or amp are simply crap. Don’t let your friends listen to crap, please! If they are listening to crap refer them to us for a dramatic improvement!

Here at Premium Audio we have always had and plan to always offer BIC speakers. BIC makes a very good bassey speaker that can handle a lot of power and still sound good, especially for the price. As I get older I mostly prefer now bookshelf speakers that are not overly bassey or overly clear (tin-e). For this reason I am grateful to have for my own collection of both JBL and Polk Audio. However, depending on my mood and type of music I am listening to I still enjoy a good old fashioned pair of 12’s and for that I run either my Fishers or my dual 12’s. Others prefer Infinity for enhanced clarity. Again, no wrong answer when using quality equipment!

I have been sampling new music lately (trying to get out of the 80’s hard rock and heavy metal phase some). I have been doing this with 5 1/4″ 2 way bookshelf speakers and my dual 12’s and here is what I recommend for something different:

  1. Halsey (everything she has which as of this posting is three albums and some covers). Halsey for some reason is stuck in my head. I only discovered her a couple of months ago and got tired of streaming the songs everyday and broke down and bought her albums. This is not my normal type of music, but I just cannot get enough of her music, in fact while writing this I am listening to her right now!
  2. Halestorm (with three albums and so many covers I cannot find a bad song. Also listen to the acoustic recordings). I cannot wait to finally go to a show and see this band perform!
  3. The Pretty Reckless (everything is good so far).
  4. Dorothy. Two bands go by this name, I am referring to the one with Dorothy Martin as the singer.
  5. Dua Lipa. I just discovered her on Youtube last night (this morning really since I’m a night owl).

Music worth listening to again:

  1. Cinderella (greatest hits)
  2. Metallica (both the black album and master of puppets album especially)
  3. Dire Straights (song “money for nothing”)
  4. TLC (fan mail album)
  5. No Doubt (rock steady album)
  6. Enya (greatest hits)
  7. Soul Asylum (black gold: the best of album)
  8. Def Leppard (Pyromania and Hysteria albums)
  9. AC/DC (Every album especially the Flick of the Switch album for the song “nervous shakedown”)
  10. Disturbed (Industructable album and The Sickness album are the best, but every album is worth it)
  11. Led Zeppelin (the entire studio collection – 10 albums)
  12. Black Sabbath (the entire collection)
  13. Dio (greatest hits)
  14. Megadeth (Symphony of Destruction, Youthanasia and Cryptic Writings albums)
  15. Pantera (every album they have, especially the Vulgar Display of Power album)

Of course I could easily go on and list a hundred or more albums, but I think these are the best of the best in my opinion. Whatever you like is fine, these are my favorites and thought I would share them with you. Please feel free to comment on how I did with this listing. Whom did I miss, let me know.

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