People talk about having a subwoofer all the time when discussing home theatre, but what about two subwoofers? Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s simplify this and make sure you understand what a subwoofer actually is. A subwoofer, or sub as they are commonly referred to as, is a speaker dedicated purely to super deep and powerful bass. A subwoofer is crucial to home theatre. This is especially true if you are running much smaller speakers. A subwoofer, however, is not just a large speaker. No. In addition to being a larger speaker (possibly the largest speaker in your home theatre) it has it’s own dedicated adjustable amplifier to really drive the bass home. Also it includes a bass port (or two) to further enhance the bass tone even more!

Having a single subwoofer is common, however having two of them, further enhances the sound. It will make the bass come from more than one direction to better fill the room and will sound much clearer and louder. Best of all, it will truly shake the floor and walls. Premium Audio highly recommends dual subwoofers for these reasons. In order to hear the difference the subwoofers will each need to be located in different corners of the room.

For detailed placement instructions for subwoofers, as well as all other speakers, please check out this book…. Customize Your Home Theater: 5.1 channel to 15.2 and everything in between.

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