This post is all about how sometimes smaller surround sound formats can be better. 9.4 channel surround and some variations are what will be discussed today. For the record none of these surround sound formats have been built and tested. Instead they are merely thoughts that popped into my head and I wanted to publish before I forget them. Perhaps someday I will in fact test them.

  1. Why not try a 5.1 channel receiver with the standard wiring setup and then add this? Add a pair of ceiling height speakers (front left and right) and a pair of ceiling height speakers (rear left and right). It’s not super exiting, but its simple enough – just add speaker switches to allow for the additional speakers. Use two ‘y’ cables for the 4 powered subs. Now this ends up being a 9.4 channel surround system. Use satellite speakers and only one receiver.
  2. Take a 7.1 channel receiver and wire it up this way instead! Front left and front right each will be done as two pair of speakers (one at ceiling height and one at ear level), connect the remaining speakers (front center, rear center) as the owners manual says to do. The left rear and right rear will require a speaker selector (switch) box so they can allow for a middle center sitting either at ceiling height or on the floor aimed up towards you (your choice). Use four powered subs. This ends up being another version of a 9.4 channel surround sound system.
  3. Skip the side speakers since not much comes out of them anyway and try this variation? Using a 7.1 channel receiver wire it up like the manual says to. When it comes to the side speakers place the speakers not in the back like they suggest and not on the sides like I always suggest. Instead place these speakers as middle centers. Now you are still using a 7.1 channel receiver but simply change where a pair of speakers go? This will perhaps improve the sound. Of course I recommend 4 powered subs instead of one making it into a 7.4 channel surround sound system. As a bonus why not add in a rear center by utilizing a single speaker selector switch off of the rear speakers on the back of the receiver. Connect it to either the rear left or rear right and connect two speakers to it. Place those two speakers side by side as if the two were one big rear center.

All of these suggestions will give you custom 9.4 channel surround sound system (except option number 3) that just might sound amazing or perhaps it wont – you can never really be sure until you test it! 

Let me know what you think.

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