44.4.4 Channel Surround Sound

You are about to read about the largest surround ever published, 44.4.4 Channel Surround Sound. Yes you heard right 44.4.4 Channel Surround Sound – that’s a lot of speakers! In attempt to once again outdo myself I devised this amazing setup. With 44.4.4 Channel Surround Sound, now there’s no longer any need to go the movie theatre because the movie theatre is now in your own home. In fact this is way more speakers than even the best movie theaters use so it’s actually better than going to the movies! This is Premium Audio’s largest and final surround sound. We saved the best for last with our 44.4.4 Channel Surround Sound.

To make this work you will need to use satellite speakers in a large rectangular room with a flat vaulted ceiling. With this many speakers you will not have room for large or even bookshelf size speakers nor will you need them. By using small speakers they will move the sound around much quicker to make it much more impressive sounding especially with action movies. 44.4.4 Channel Surround Sound utilizes three height elevations (ear level while seated, ceiling and medium height). The placement of speakers is the same for every elevation.

Ear level while seated:

15 speakers + 4 pseudo subs (2 on the left side and 2 on the right side of the room) + 4 powered subs (one per corner of the room)

Ceiling height:

15 speakers.

Medium height:

14 speakers (the middle center speaker is not included since it would be in the way of seeing the TV screen).


Click the link below to view an image of this surround sound:

44.4.4 channel surround sound


What else is needed:

4 receivers will be needed to accomplish this. One will be for the ear level 15 speakers and two of the powered subs. Another will be for the 14 medium height speakers. Another will be for the 15 ceiling height speakers and two of the powered subs. One receiver will simply power the 4 pseudo subs. Those pseudo subs will connect off of receiver 2 (medium height speakers) thru the use of a speaker switch. We recommend 8’s for the pseudo subs.

This surround sound has not actually been tested. Instead it was merely created from the knowledge previously used for other surround sounds that I have created for Premium Audio over the years. I do expect that it will work if done properly (using only satellite speakers for the 44 speakers and making sure all connections are secured correctly and of course everything is in good working order).

Thank you for visiting Premium Audio where I post my home theatre ideas to for others to enjoy.


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