Sorry for the delay, I had hoped to have this posting ready last month. After rigorous testing I have finally been able to confirm that 22.4 is not simply a dreamt up surround sound, but instead is a reality! 22.4 channel surround sound does in fact work! I tested it with satellite speakers in a 12 x 12 bedroom. I began staging the room in January 2016 and by late August 2016 all testing was complete.

       Unlike the mainstream surround sounds by larger corporations which by only allow you to adjust the tone on the left and right pair of main (front) speakers, this surround sound lets you adjust the tone of most of the speakers separately for better voice matching of sound. Also, instead of only adjusting the volume and in some cases the size of the speaker thru the receiver (small or large) with this surround sound you can adjust the volume of most of the speakers separately.

     Both of these issues have always bothered me…if 70%-80% of all movie sound comes out of the center channel speaker why can’t we adjust it’s volume and tone? The volume has bothered me the most since most action films are super loud with special effects yet when it comes to the dialogue you have to crank it up some and then turn it down for the action. Now that you have a much better choice, why settle for anything less?

Here is what it took to become a reality:

  • 7.1 channel receiver
  • 5 additional surround sound receivers (each one is a 5.1 channel receiver)
  • 4 powered sub woofers
  • 4 speaker selectors
  • 22 satellite speakers
  • Roku
  • Computer Monitor
  • Custom made speaker stands
  • 300 feet of speaker wire!
  • A whole lot of my time planning, splicing wires, staging (each receiver, speaker selector, speaker and sub woofer), and of course tons of testing.

Diagram of 22.4 channel surround sound

For additional information about this surround sound, please refer to this.

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