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Final comments about my 13 speaker surround sound system

I have continued to tweak this system and ultimately have decided to run the sub woofer in a rather unique way. I am using a sub woofer cable on the sub woofer input on one of the two receivers (the one using the smaller speakers which run at ceiling height). What’s different is what I am doing after that; instead of connecting the other end to a sub woofer here is what I do. I connect it to an input on a different receiver (a third one). From their I connect my sub woofer via speaker wire. To do this I use an adapter. This adapter allows you to run the speaker wire into an RCA cable that you solder together.

Here is why I chose to do this:

  1. My “sub woofer” is actually an MTX dual 12″ woofer setup with a horn tweeter and a mid range speaker all in one very tall and very heavy cabinet. It is half of a pair of main speakers and so I decided to re-purpose it as a sub.
  2. My “sub woofer” is not an actual sub. There is no amp built into it. There is no sub woofer cable input port on it. Instead it runs off of speaker wire. So the way I connect my “sub woofer” is by using speaker wire that connects the sub to the left main speaker on the receiver. For the record you could instead connect to the right main speaker on the receiver if you prefer. Either one will result in the same outcome. This receiver being used is a stereo receiver, not another surround sound one.
  3. By connecting the sub cable to another receiver I am able to boost the volume and bass going to the speaker. This compensates for it not being a powered sub.

One final not about this surround sound and then I promise to stop writing about it….

….I recently learned after my last posting that Denon created a 13 speaker surround sound receiver that is available for sale this year (2018). This means it can do what I have been talking about using two receivers for. The difference being that their version uses only one receiver. For the record I invented this surround sound not them. My original post is from 2016 on this idea. I actually thought it up back in 2008 or 2009, but didn’t write about it until 2016. The posts I am referring to can be found here, here and here too.

So why use my surround sound instead of Denon’s?

Because mine is super affordable. If I highball it I would say you can get two 7.1 channel receivers for about $800 new. The Denon version costs $4,000 at Crutchfield. You go ahead and spend that money if you wish to save space, I prefer to save money. If Denon is able to make my 13 speaker surround sound a reality while using only one receiver, I cannot help but wonder what other ideas of mine they will decide to use as their own. I guess only time will tell.