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Streaming Options for Audio and Video

Today I thought I would briefly go over Streaming Options for Audio and Video.

Let’s face it today more and more people are “cord cutters” like me. For those of you that are not I thought I should open up your eyes to some of the options available to you today. You no longer have to have cable TV or Satellite. You no longer have to own all those records, cassettes, CD’s, VHS, Beta, Blu-Ray, DVD or Laser Disc. Now you can stream it all thereby saving you quite a bit of space.

One disclaimer: if you own Vinyl or CD’s you should hold onto them because in my opinion they are better sounding when using high end audio equipment then the digital versions available to stream.

Streaming Options for Audio and Video

Video Options:

Get a Roku or get Kodi. If you get a Roku add Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime or any combination you want. Also consider Sling for the Roku too. If you own a video game system that is modern you can probably stream with it. Most Blu-Ray and DVD players can stream too! Crackle, Vudu, Popcorn Flix offer free streaming of movies and shows with commercials.

Audio Options:

All of the video options mentioned above will work for audio too. Also check out Pandora and Spotify for even more of a music selection. Most options are available on mobile devices (laptops, tablets and phones) too so you can take it with you.

Almost forgot:

You Tube offers both a free and a membership version. With this you can watch videos, shows and movies. You can also listen to music.

Well there you have it, Streaming Options for Audio and Video. Your welcome.