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The Next Great Surround Sound ….

So you’ve heard about all of the surround sounds that both Dolby and DTS have made and they have come along way. Since 2014 Premium Audio has been inventing, testing and writing about their exclusive surround sounds. Fast forward to 2017 …. Premium Audio went “way beyond home theatre” in vastly surpassing the capabilities of existing surround sound as we know it today. So what’s next? Is Premium Audio going to unleash something “way, way beyond home theatre” or is time for others to step it up?

How can surround sound get even better then 22.4 (a Premium Audio exclusive in 2016)? In order to push the envelope further and make things even better sometimes it requires a little time to stop and reflect and let the next ideas come to you. This is exactly what Premium Audio is doing at this point. Like anything to become better it requires a problem to be identified and then the brain storming can begin. At the time of this posting no news has come about involving any new surround sounds from Dolby or DTS so right now we do not have an answer as to what the next surround sound will be. We can only hope that whatever it is and whoever comes up with it that it serves a purpose and is worth upgrading to.

Perhaps it will not be a new surround sound. It could be a new speaker technology or material used to make the speakers or components. Maybe it will be a new way to sit and watch movies? TV’s have improved by leaps and bounds so it is doubtful that TV’s will somehow evolve again soon. Right now our plans are to update and expand our product lines.

So what is next for Premium Audio? We are hoping to acquire another brand or two of speakers, but we cannot discuss details until everything is finalized. In 2018 we will be promoting a book about how to build speaker stands yourself. The book of course will include a few unique features that will be exclusive to us so they are not just another pair of speaker stands. Who knows maybe Premium Audio will once again create another incredible surround sound topping it’s latest ones or maybe improve on something new from someone else. We will have to wait and see.