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Connect your tablet to your stereo if streaming music is not an option for you

I was sitting around playing a game on my tablet when it hit me…there is so much more I can do with this tablet! Like most  people, I use Android tablets for the free apps on the Google Play Store. Sorry Apple, Androids are more affordable. Free is a wonderful price so why not take advantage of it and download a music cloud app of your choice? I dabble so I currently have Pandora, iHeart Radio, Spotify and Slacker Radio all installed on my tablet. You can do the same thing and use whichever you like, or all of them if you so choose.

When I am writing these blogs or updating inventory or just tinkering with the look and feel of this site more often than not I am listening to music. Why? Because I like to hear music playing in the background; it helps me to relax and allows me to pass the time. It would not be nice of me to crank up music late at night (I frequently will stop working on this site around 3am), so I end up either using my basic computer speakers or a portable stereo with no CD player or input to connect an MP3 player to it or use my receiver and listen CD’s or my MP3 player with the subwoofers turned off to keep it quite.

Over the weekend it occurred to me that I could connect my tablet to my surround sound receiver and enjoy a totally random mix of music based on either a single genre of my choice or all of them. Some more expensive model receivers offer the ability to stream from Pandora already built in or they are Bluetooth capable for streaming anything to them; mine is neither. To connect my tablet to my receiver, I had to run a cable out of the only output I could find on my tablet, the headset spot. Since the wire would not reach to connect the tablet to the receiver I had to improvise. Creativity can be soo much fun at times! I took a wire that is a headset input on one end and a RCA connector (red and white wires) on the other end. Since it would not reach the receiver, I then connected another RCA cable to it. This second wire is 25ft long and reached the receiver with no problem so I connected it to an input on the receiver. Now when I turn on the receiver and select the appropriate input I can make all my song selections from my tablet play thru my speakers connected to my receiver.

Mind you this is not a digital sound. It is analog to stereo and then the receiver works it’s magic to simulate stereo with the existing analog sound quality. Granted this is not outstanding sound quality, but it is much better sounding then the tiny built in speaker included in the tablet. Now I can sit at my desk (yes, I use a desktop and not a laptop) and type and be able to change the songs on the tablet (which sits on my desk) and hear the music out of my speakers connected to my receiver. I then took it one step further and also attached the power cord to the tablet so I can charge it while it plays. This is important to remember because when playing music for several uninterrupted hours it tends to drain down the battery.