19.2 picks up where 15.2 and 17.2 both left off. This is not your typical surround sound. You cannot go into an electronics store ask questions about this setup, nor can you purchase it; unless you do it thru this site. Premium Audio is the only one to even make mention of this setup. In fact, Premium Audio is the only one to sell it and also explain how to wire up this many speakers. This is because this we created it among other surround sounds. When I say we, I mean I did. I am the owner of Premium Audio and have written every single blog post for this site since it’s inception. I am also the author of this book: “Customize Your Home Theater 5.1 channel to 15.2 and everything in between.

Why is this you may ask? The answer is because we are not your typical home theatre shop….not even close! Just look at the categories and subcategories and see for yourself. Granted right now there are only 60 items in this new store. What you may not know is that we had up until August a store with well over 200 items available for sale. We changed sites to make it more convenient for our valued customers to have the blog and store all on one site. We are continuing to stock up our store for the coming months and will be ready for the holidays. Look for a complete store by the end of October. You will also notice we have free diagrams on our site not shown anywhere else because I created and tested them for this business (my home theatre business), Premium Audio.

So what is 19.2? This is our second take on the new Dolby Atmos surround setup. For details about it refer to our previous blog post “17.2 channel surround sound.” 19.2 gives you yet another unique option by adding another pair of speakers to direct sound from above down upon you. These speakers we are referring to as “rear height speakers.” No one else has anything remotely similar to this! This book: “Customize Your Home Theater 5.1 channel to 15.2 and everything in between” will touch on how to go way beyond traditional speaker wiring and actually requires use of my own unique “wire splicing and re-amplification process” to make this a reality. Ever dream of being surrounded by speakers at varying heights while watching action, adventure, sci-fi, and horror movies? I did and now lucky for us all it is no longer a dream, it is a reality! Experience it for yourself and become one with the movie you are watching.



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