Today I will explain another surround sound idea of mine, 18.4.4 Channel Surround Sound. This will use two height elevations and will be moderately easy to connect, yet still time consuming. You will be able to run it as one complete system or pick between them thanks to how it is wired up. Please refer to my books that I have previous written as well as prior blog posts of mine if unsure of how to do this.

This will require the following:

  • 3 Receivers (2 7.1 channel receivers plus a stereo receiver or another surround sound receiver if you want).
  • Multiple speaker switches.
  • 4 Pseudo subs (2 pair).
  • 4 Powered subs.
  • 18 speakers.
  • TV or computer monitor.
  • Lots of speaker wire. This will vary based upon the size of the room. Figure on using about 200 feet for a 11 x 15 room with 9 foot high ceilings.
  • BluRay/DVD/Roku or some other video device for movies.

At ear level you will use the following: A 7.1 channel receiver, speaker switch off the rear speakers on the receiver to accommodate three speakers back there instead of two, another speaker switch off the side left and side right speakers on the receiver for three speakers (one will be at floor level aimed up towards you on an angle). Connect 3 speakers per speaker switch. This gives you two rear speakers plus a rear center speaker and two side speakers plus a middle center. Connect the front left and right speakers and front center as normal.

The pseudo subs will be connected to a regular stereo receiver or a surround sound receiver running in stereo mode. This allows you to adjust the volume. The sound will come off of the speaker switch used for the side speakers on either of the two 7.1 channel receivers (you choose which one to connect to).

The 4 powered subs will be connected off of the ceiling height 7.1 channel receiver or you can connect 2 of them to each 7.1 channel receiver.

At ceiling height you will do just like you did with the other 7.1 channel receiver. The only difference is the speakers connected to this receiver need to be at ceiling height.

Split the sound off of your video device (DVD, Roku, BluRay using RCA cables). One pair to each 7.1 channel receiver. Run any combo of receivers listed for the sound you want. Enjoy your 18.4.4 Channel Surround Sound!


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