17.2 builds on the ever expanding possibilities presented to you here at Premium Audio. Why add two more speakers you may ask. Well, allow me to explain….17.2 is not just two more speakers added to 15.2, no….it’s much more than that! With 17.2 you add an additional level of sound to the movie. The idea came from learning about the new Dolby Atmos experience and trying to figure out how to take some of that concept and add to the already amazing surround sound that only Premium Audio offers without being super expensive.

For those that are not familiar with Atmos, here is a summary of it. Atmos is the idea that movies are not currently played in a 3 dimensional surround sound. In other words, normally all the sounds are at the same elevation, however in the movies clearly there should be sounds above you. Atmos, does just that by putting additional speakers either in the ceiling and having them aim down at your floor or by using special speakers that angle half of the sound upward while having the rest of it aim forward like a traditional speaker. This sounds great and all (no pun intended), but there’s one problem….the cost. Dolby Atmos requires a special receiver with this surround sound built into it so it knows to direct sounds specifically out of the ceiling speakers and then there is the cost of the special angled speakers. This will not be the standard in surround sound. It never will be, because just like how a great a concept 3D viewing of movies would be, they share in common the high price. The average consumer cannot afford this so as a direct result, 3D viewing of movies has all but disappeared almost as quickly as it appeared in the first place. Sadly, so will Atmos.

Why not direct some of the same sound coming from existing speakers and spread it around the room at a different elevation to add some of the realism to your home theater? This is what 17.2 is….an additional pair of speakers sitting much higher than the rest to make you feel as if there is more realism to your movie going experience. For optimal sound effect we recommend angling these additional speakers in a downward motion if at all possible. We also recommend an additional receiver to drive them with so that you can adjust their tone and volume independently from other speakers playing the same sound. To learn how to do this check out this book and use the same concepts explained for connecting additional front speakers and rear speakers and apply it to these new speakers. Premium Audio refers to these new additional speakers as “front height speakers.” For the record, yes this has been tested and does work!

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