This month I introduce to you to more surround sound formats that are Premium Audio Exclusives. Both of these were created as easy to setup solutions for those who want a lot of speakers to capture sound from virtually every angle. Not quite as impressive as the surround sounds created late last year/early this year, but so much easier to wire up since no wire splicing is needed.

16.4 channel surround sound:

 You will be using two 6.1 channel receivers for this configuration. Follow the manufacturer instructions to connect 6 speakers per receiver with a slight variation. For the rear left and right speakers you will not connect the speakers. Instead you will connect the speaker wire going from the left and right speaker inputs on the receiver and then connect the other end of the wire to a switch. Now connect two pairs of left and right rear speakers to the switch. Now you have a total of 16 speakers connected.

Using a ‘y’ cable connected to each sub woofer input on your 6.1 channel receivers you can now connect two subs to each receiver. Place one sub in each corner of the room. Test them at low volumes and adjust as needed to have the four subs play at the same volume for balanced sound.

Speaker placement: Use one receiver at ear level for all speakers and the other for ceiling height speakers. Try to place the rear speakers in a half circle fashion for optimal surround sound effect.

20.4 channel surround sound:

This surround sound merely adds onto the 16.4 channel surround sound listed above. Do everything as listed above and add this slight variation to get 4 more speakers involved: Connect one switch to the front left and right speakers input on each receiver. Connect two pairs of front left and right speakers to each switch. Turn the volume up some on each receiver.

Speaker placement: Setup your left and right front speakers so that they form a half circle for best sound placement. Keep in mind half of them will be at ceiling height and the other half will be at ear level.


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